Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis Systems

Everyone knows about Arizona's infamous hard water. We install and repair the two critical systems every home needs:

Water Softeners

The benefits of a home water softener are immeasurable. Using soft water results in less scale buildup in water heaters, which reduces energy consumption by up to 25%. They reduce soap usage by 70%, which saves you countless sums on household detergents and cleaners.
And they preserve your clothes by filtering out harsh impurities such as sulfur, iron, calcium and chlorine. Believe it or not, a good water softener can actually pay for itself over time in detergent cost savings, water heater energy efficiency and clothing preservation.

RO Systems

Just because it comes out of the tap doesn't mean you should drink it. Recent research shows that most tap and well water in the US contains some level of contamination from microorganisms and man-made chemicals. A good Reverse Osmosis system is quick to install and insures healthy, pure drinking water for you and your family.